It is clear that successful people benefit from a combination of hard work and good timing. However, supplementing a good idea with hard work and hoping to get lucky does not always result in a profitable business. An entrepreneur and marketer who teachings people how to create meaningful businesses of their own, Ryan Robinson, explains what one trait can lead to a profitable business.

According to Ryan, there is one crucial thing that most, if not all successful entrepreneurs share and that is this: prior to the game and money, most had built up an expertise in a particular field. He or she or they became experts before launching the business they became known for.

Would Bill Gates have succeeded at Microsoft if he thought a computer was an oversized typewriter? Would James Dyson have invented the range of vacuum cleaners if he spent his life in an office ordering others to clean up his mess?

Of course, there are alway exceptions. But let’s examine two of these successful entrepreneurs who have built up their careers. If you want to build up an expertise in a certain field, check out this assessment which will help give you guidance in the direction you would like to go.

  1. Bill Gates: Bill Gates is one of the most recognized people in the world. His initial fame and fortune accumulated from founding and building Microsoft. Way before Microsoft, Bill was first introduced to computers in eighth grade. He was mesmerized and spent hours learning how to program on a variety of systems. After ten years of experience writing software, Bill finally had accrued enough knowledge to build computer software and start Microsoft with Paul Allen at Harvard. He personally reviewed every line of Microsoft’s code. Without Bill Gates messing around with code in his early teen years, we would not have Microsoft, Windows or even a DOS.
  2. Walt Disney: Walt is no longer with us today physically, but his legacy will live long into the future. Not only has it been 50 years since his death, but the characters he invented, Mickey Mouse, are still entertaining to children today. Before Mickey Mouse, Walt had written comics, was a great story teller, and had been creating characters for years. Walt’s success and longevity of his work is an indication of his intense creativity and passion for storytelling, which Walt began at a young age. Walt pioneered the creation of modern animation and filmmaking, laying the foundation of success replicated by his business for decades.

Mickey Mouse

Next month we’ll look at Jon Morrow, J. K. Rowling, David Overton, and James Dyson.