A recent Entrepeneur article highlighted the habits of successful entrepreneurs. The daily routine of these people significantly affects their work efficiency and contributes to their wealth and overall happiness.

We all can take note of the lifestyles of entrepreneurs and make small changes in our routines.  Especially on the weekends, when we have an abundance of time to relax and spend time with friends, we can utilize this time to our advantage.


  • Get out of the screen

You may expect business people to always be connected to their computers and phones. But the weekends are precious.  Serious entrepreneurs know that they also need to focus on “unplugging.” Constantly being online and checking email takes you away from things that make you happy, like spending quality time with family. You can practice self-control when you turn off your device and experience the world outside of the screen.


  • Let yourself relax

Purposeful self-reflection won’t come to you if you sleep away the weekend and just watch TV.  Just because it’s the weekend, you can recharge and relax with intention. Find some inspiration in your downtime that you can’t otherwise find in the hectic workweek.


  • Schedule happiness

Dedicate your weekend time to a schedule that brings you joy.  Limit the amount of time you spend on busy housework to a small amount of time, instead scheduling longer blocks of time to happier festivities.  This is a type of control on your weekends that can surround you with positivity, being surrounded by loved ones.  You will be refreshed and and ready an energized new week.  But you won’t feel energized if you’re spending your entire weekend on household duties like doing the dishes!


So next weekend, think about your habits.  Are you setting yourself up for success?  Using these techniques, you can make your weekends an effective use of time to work toward healthy and strategic living.